Johnson and Johnson Diversity Plan Essay

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Diversity Plan of Johnson and Johnson

I. Overview of company

Johnson and Johnson company has a long history, which was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson in Brunsewick, New Jersey. Until now, Johnson and Johnson has 250 branches in over 57 countries, and it has nearly a hundred consumer brands with thousands of products sold in over 157 countries. The products are including medication, first aid supplies, skin care, bath, baby accessories, and so on. Departments inside the company are including Research and Development, Sales Department, After-sale Service, Human Resource Department, Accounting Department, and it has supplier industries
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There are eleven males, three females, and among them there are four executives are minorities (two of them are blacks, and the other two are Hispanics).

We aim at making high-quality products and caring about our consumers, and recruit competitive employees from different backgrounds. We trust and respect our employees; we ensure our recruitment and promoting process will be open to all applicants. Employees can have the freedom of sharing ideas with each other, and they will be treated equally, they get paid and compensation according to their job performances, no matter what cultural backgrounds or gender they are. We prevent certain minority groups in the company from being discriminated.

We can get collective momentum by setting out a considerate diversity plan, since we convey a sense of belonging in a family, everyone in a family is equal and they care about each other. We believe that our diversity plan guide our company into a new dynamic direction.

V. Strategies and Tactics

For staff organizing, it is including two parts: recruitment of new staff and promotion process. First of all, we need job analysis of a certain position. It describe the task of the position; what are the skills, knowledge, abilities or other characters a staff should have to be competent to take over the position; it also contains the working environment. With a considerate job analysis, we can start organizing our staff

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