Johnson and Johnson Case Essay

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Johnson And Johnson

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In the Johnson and Johnson Company efforts to improve the quality of life for people everywhere while still maintaining a standard of employee and customer service. Mark Simpson had an incident that J&J never before had and that was violence in the work place. Mark Simpson being the HR manger had to deal with this work place assault in a timely and professional manner, because this experience will be the template for future action plans. This type of case can set precedents. Mark needs to come up with the best alternatives to present this to Mr. Perry the VP of HR department. J&J cares about its employees just as they care about its community and customers. J&J
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Was accused or thought to have played a practical joke on Tom. Bob was assaulted by Tom and had severe bruises to his chest and was a concern by the company nurse, which advised Bob to go and complain to Doug Bishop.

Johnson and Johnson Company


Dough Bishop is a supervisor within maintenance department. Doug Bishop reports to Jason Sommers the Engineering Manager which is Doug’s boss. Mark Simpson was called in because of the seriousness of the incident, Mark Simpson answers to or reports to MR. Perry. Mark Simpson is in the HR manager for J&J Company. Mark Simpson was only six months on the job at J&J. His previous work experience was employee relations, responsible for large multi-plant automotive operations.

Issues Primary Issues: Tom Phillips assaulted Bob Clark for believing that Bob played a prank on Tom. Tom assumed that Bob asked Frank to assign Tom to another job position, one that Tom did not really want to do. Tom Had his eyes set on Cleaning and Vacuuming in the eating area. Frank had not assigned that and did not think it was priority. Tom just wanted to do this vacuuming in the eating area because he got along with the people in the cafeterias that were watering the plants. Tom felt that the people there were friendly and Tom wanted to be around them. The Lack of Training for Tom and the maintenance department staff. We will first start with Tom’s lack of training. Tom did not receive the proper

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