Johnny Is A Young African American Teenager Essay

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Johnny is a young African American teenager who is a humorous and hardworking person . He stands at a towering height and is built like a slender boulder. His face sits long and skinny on his head, while his uneven hair stands firm in the air. Growing up, he really didn 't know what he wanted to do with his life. He didn 't have any passion for anything until he was exposed to the love of basketball through his older brother. It was then when he finally realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
“ Mom! Dad! I want to play on a basketball team just like Daniel, " said young Johnny.
"Well what made you so interested in basketball all of a sudden," said Johnny 's Mom.
"I don 't know, but there 's just something about this sport that really intrigues me ," said Johnny.
" Well if you really want to, I guess nothing will stop you now," said Johnny 's Dad. "Yesss! Thank you. I can 't wait," Johnny exclaimed

As Johnny begins to start his young career as a basketball athlete, he soon realizes how difficult this game truly is. In the beginning of his 8th grade basketball journey, Johnny was able to easily dominate on the court. He utilized his height to grab rebounds and used his speed to get by his defenders. However, once the competition started to get better, he then understood of how much hard work must be put in. Furthermore, he also came to understand this concept after watching his brother excel drastically court. Daniel, his older brother, always…

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