Johnlewis.Com Christmas Advert Analysis Essay

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Advert analysis

This one minute long advertisement focuses on people who are trying to find ideal gifts for the people they love and care about. John Lewis Christmas advert 2OO9 was focused on the joy of receiving gifts through the eyes of children, so this year they decided to try the opposite idea. Idea of this advert is to show the viewer how nice it is to give perfect gifts to the ones you care about, because the feeling you get when you give a gift to someone (and they like it) is just as great as when you receive a present.

Genre: Love to the ones you care about. Romance – Possibly.
That is used to show the audience that they can show their love to the ones they care about by buying them a nice Christmas
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Mistake in editing:
The advert starts with a Medium Shot of two kids sat on a sofa and watching TV. If you look closer at a big glass door on a background, you can notice a reflection of camera operator, even though it is out of focus.
There is also a little skip in the beginning you can’t notice if you are looking at the kids, but you can see it if you’re looking at camera operator’s reflection.


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received 189 complaints about the dog scene. People are describing this scene “heartless” and “irresponsible”. They also say that this scene when a little boy simply shows that he cares about his dog and puts a stocking on his kennel; actually sends the wrong message and encourages people mistreat their pets and leave them outside in a freezing cold.

John Lewis apologised and promised that they will edit the advert and cut out or replace the ending. ASA can still investigate the case, despite the scene being edited or cut.

ASA also received 59 complaints that the ad implies that that Santa Claus is not exist. ASA will not investigate these complaints.

I wonder if they promised not to show dog scene, but then after aired the full advert on purpose to make a scandal so they would get attention to their

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