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Activity 8.3 - Assignment: End of Module Questions

Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions listed below.

1. Discuss why testing is so essential to the development of a new system, and explain how a test case relates to a test plan.
The cost associated with finding and fixing a major software bug after a system has been implemented is very high. Therefore, thorough testing of the system is imperative. It is not enough to have written a program; it also needs to be tested completely to verify it performs as specified. A test is a particular aspect of the system that needs to be evaluated. The test plan outlines all of the tests that need to be performed on the system. Test cases are the sample data that will be run through or
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Third, presenting information while interacting with the computer, permits novel ways of presenting the information to be employed. Fourth, the cost of distributing online documentation is considerably less than printing and distributing paper manuals.
One problem is simply that many users are unfamiliar with seeking information online. We have all been exposed to paper manuals, and they are more familiar to many users. Also, online documentation is not portable. It is not possible to take an online help system home and review it before using a system as one could with a procedure manual or tutorial. Reference documents are the help system that explains how to perform a specific task or function. Procedures manuals describe how to accomplish a particular business task with the system, often involving several steps. Tutorials are training systems that teach the user how to use the system.

4. What are the major components of a migration plan?
One part of the migration plan is the technical plan, which discusses how the new technology will be implemented in the organization. The other major part of the migration plan is the organizational plan, which helps users adjust to and adopt the new system.

Compare and contrast the following:
1. Direct conversion and parallel conversion.
Both conversion strategies focus on the way in which users are switched over to the new system. Direct conversion is an

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