Johnathan Case Study

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Johnathan is diagnosed with autism, developmental delay, failure to thrive, Cerebral Palsy, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. Jonathan uses a wheelchair and walker to aid with walking. Johnathan has a history of hearing lost, seizures and aggressive behaviors. There are concerns of calories intake because of concerns of lack of a healthy weight gain. Johnathan had hearing aid in the past to assist with hearing lost, however Johnathan broke all his hearing aid devices. Johnathan is not potty training. Johnathan receive services from community agencies. Johnathan has a bee allergy.

Goal #1: Johnathan will be adopted
Criteria for Achievement: Johnathan will be available for all adoption services and events monthly.
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Ayden has his saliva glands removed to decrease his excessive drooling. Ayden recovered with no reported complications. Ayden’s medical condition is stable. MHP and MHS reviewed medication and medical summaries for accuracy at bi-weekly visits. MHS has kept all schedule medical appointments with the medical team and weekly speech, occupational and physical therapy appointments. Ayden is gaining leg strength to stand with support and learning sign language to communicate. Ayden has cognitive, movement and physical development of a six month age child. Ayden is learning to roll over without assistance, sits with assistance and more alert of his surroundings. MHS provides Ayden with reinforcements of skills from weekly speech, physical and occupational therapy. Ayden will continue this goal.

Goal #3: Ayden continues to maintain a healthy weight as desired by the medical team. MHS reported addressing concerns of Ayden is getting bloated and extended abdomen after the continuous feeding. MHS and the medical team agreed to adjust Ayden’s feeding schedule. Ayden does tolerate soft foods in small amounts with supervision. MHS has kept all schedule appointments for Ayden to have G-tube changed and checked. Ayden’s skin has no reported eczema problems during this period. Ayden received a new hospital crib and leg braces to accommodate Ayden’s

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