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Grammar- Bedford Pages 354 – 365 Exercises 32 A - E
Exercise 32-1- a) Alisa brought the injured bird home and fashioned a splint out of Popsicle sticks for its wing. (Take out comma) b) Considered a classic of early animation, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, used hand-cut silhouettes against colored background. c) If you complete the enclosed evaluation form and return it within two weeks, you will receive a free breakfast during your next stay. d) Correct e) Roger had always wanted a handmade violin, but he couldn’t afford one. 1) While I was driving, a huge delivery track ran through a red light. 2) He pushed the car beyond the tollgate and poured a bucket of water on the smoking hood. (Take out comma)
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b) An ambulance threaded its way through police cars, fire trucks, and irate citizens. c) Correct d) After two broken arms, three cracked ribs, and one concussion, Ken quit the football team. e) Correct 1) We prefer our to be orderly, prompt, and efficient. 2) For breakfast, the children ordered cornflakes, English muffins with peanut butter and cherry Cokes. 3) Correct 4) Correct 5) Animation master Hironobu Sakaguchi makes computer-generated scenes look realistic, vivid, and seductive.
Exercise 32.4- a) NASA’s rovers on Mars are equipped with special cameras that can take close-up, high-resolution, pictures of the terrain. b) Correct c) Correct d) Love, vengeance, greed, and betrayal are common themes in Literature. e) Many experts believe that shark attacks o surfers are a result of the shark’s mistaking surfboards for small, injured seals. 1) In Sherman’s march to the sea, the Union army set fire to all crops, killed all livestock, and destroyed all roads and bridges in its path. 2) Milk that comes from grass-fed, steroid free cows has been gaining market share. 3) Correct 4) The three handmade turquoise bracelets brought in the most money at the charity auction. 5) Correct
Exercise 32.5- a) Choreographer Alvin Ailey’s best known work, Revelations, is more than just a crowd-pleaser. b) Correct c) Correct d) A member of an organization that provides job

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