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Chapter 4

Addressing Individuals’ Common Ethical Problems

Contents: (Please note: the Instructor Guide for every chapter will follow this structure.) 1. Chapter Outline 2. Teaching Notes 3. In-Class Exercises 4. Homework Assignments 5. Additional Resources

Chapter Outline

I. Introduction

A. Indentifying Your Values – and Voicing Them

II. People Issues

A. Discrimination B. Harassment, Sexual and Otherwise

III. Conflicts of Interest

A. What Is It? B. How Can We Think About This Issue? C. Why Is It an Ethical Problem? D. Costs

IV. Customer Confidence Issues

A. What Is It? B. How Can We Think About This Issue? C. Why
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What did you do? What were the results?

Again, see “Giving Voice to Values.” This would make a great homework assignment.

3. Have anti-discrimination laws helped or hurt the fair treatment of workers?

This really depends on whom you talk to. However, there is probably little argument among labor experts that the strides made by women and minorities in the workplace would probably never have taken place, (or would have occurred at a much slower pace) if not for anti-discrimination legislation. As with everything else, there has been a backlash of sorts. Also, many young women and minorities today find it impossible to believe that only 20 years ago, their prospects for employment and advancement would have been far different than they are now.

4. Is diversity management an ethical issue?

If we buy into the argument that diversity management helps us appreciate differences among various groups, then it could be viewed as an ethical issue from the standpoint of fairness and respect toward all individuals. If diversity management helps us manage people more fairly, then it certainly could be viewed as an ethical issue.

5. Is sexual harassment as important an issue for men, as it is for women?

Yes. If research is correct and sexual harassment is about power, then anyone can wield it. Whoever has the power -- male or female -- can make life difficult in various ways for those who have less power. According to Newsweek, 16% of sexual harassment claims

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