Essay about John Winthrop 's Influence On Society

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John Winthrop was born in 1587, lived in a pugnacious time in England. During this time, many religious differences existed. Winthrop, who was a successful lawyer, decided to seek moral support. He joined a party known as the Putitans. During that time, the spiritual situation in England underwent many changes and challenges because of the differences in the beliefs of Catholics and Protestants. In 1629 he set forth to help establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he became a leading citizen. He was elected governor of the colony, an office to which he was elected several terms. Winthrop viewed religion as being more powerful than politics. He believed that Christ and the church are one body. His writings indicate great religious implications as well as strong political ones. He was of the opinion that there is no inherent righteousness in a child of God. He held the belief that neither absolute nor conditional promises belong to a Christian. He believed that a person is not bound to the law as a rule. He believed that the Sabbath is just an ordinary day, that the soul is mortal, until united to Christ. When united to Christ, the body is then annihilated and given a new form. He also believed that there is no resurrection of the body. Winthorp viewed liberty as incompatible and inconsistent with authority and therefore; cannot endure the least restraint of the most just authority. He believed that if the government was corrupt, then there was not much…

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