John Wayne Gacy 's Victims Essay

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You hear the sound of branches snap underneath your feet as you run through the woods on a windy September night. Attempting to look backwards in search of the nearing threat you stumble over a fallen tree and lay in the damp leaves. You see a large dark figure nearing you through the trees and attempt hide yourself in the leaves. The cellphone in your jean pocket rings and you can make out the figure as a man dressed in a clown costume. Being pinned to the ground, you feel the blade of his knife enter your chest as the life leaves your body. This gruesome scene is similar to some of John Wayne Gacy’s victims. What can cause someone to go on a ravenous murder spree? Serial murders are not indigenous, nor are they a new phenomenon. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Carol Wuornos, and The Zodiac Killer are well-known individuals that are often mentioned when speaking about infamous serial killers. Conventional characteristics such as quantity, time, and place are all put into consideration when classifying a murderer as a serial killer (FBI). The Federal Bureau of Investigation definition states that three or more murders must take place at different locations within a thirty day period while allowing for a “cooling-off period” between each murder. These murders show no apparent motive besides the feeling of personal gratification for the killer (Johnston). Ambiguous repetitive murders are often the hardest cases to solve and murder analysts continue to…

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