John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: One Of The Most Serful Serial Killers Of America's Crime?

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Is it possible to commit thirty-three separate murders and get away with it? One of America’s most famous serial killers was very close to doing just that. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. has to be considered one of our nations most notorious and evil serial killers of all time. He murdered and sexually assaulted 33 young men between the years of 1972-1978. Gacy was finally arrested and sentenced to death on March 13, 1980. The most surprising thing of all about Gacy was that people considered him an upstanding citizen in his neighborhood. He held parties at his house and earned a good reputation with everyone, even the local police officers. How could such a good guy commit such horrible acts of violence?
John Wayne Gacy was born to parents John Gacy,
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Gacy enrolled and was accepted into Northwestern Business College, even though he had never finished high school. He graduated and found a job with the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company and after only a brief time he was promoted and relocated to Springfield, Illinois. This is where he met his first wife Marlyn Meyers, who was also employed at the Springfield department. Gacy started to get more involved in the community and by 1965 he was promoted to vice president of the Jaycee’s Springfield division. The Jaycee’s is an organization for individuals that help with leadership training in areas of business. He moved to Iowa in 1966 after his father in law offered him a chance to run some Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants he had purchased earlier that year. He joined the Jaycee organization that was in this area, but this branch of the Jaycee’s was not as clean and proper as the one in Springfield. He soon found out that they were involved in prostitution, pornography, and drug use. He ultimately became highly involved in these acts and around the same time opened up a makeshift club in his …show more content…
He hired many young men to work for his construction company and began to bring some to his garage late at night. He also started to bring home gay pornography and Gacy admitted to his wife that he was bisexual. She also began to witness his unpredictable mood swings that would cause him to be extremely aggressive towards her. They eventually agreed upon divorce in 1976 and at this point John’s neighbors began to witness a change in his behavior. You may think this was when he finally snapped, but what everyone didn’t know was that his murderous ways had already begun four years earlier in

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