John Watson 's Influence On American Psychology Essay

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John Watson’s influence in American Psychology paved the way to Behaviorism, an alternative way to psychology, which during his time was predominantly dominated by the likes of Freud and psychoanalytic. In behaviorism Watson sought to minimize the unconscious and emphasize the natural surroundings, influences, and experiences, for aspects that concerned the human mind. Watson’s influence particularly shined a light on the way humans began to think about and practice child development and child rearing. Through his research on animal, mainly rats, and children, Watson sought to re-invent how humans perceived the way we learned behavior, memories, emotions. Although, Watson’s carrier was tainted by his personal life, his work would open many new questions to how we viewed Psychology. John Watson, born January 9, 1878, was born in a small town in South Carolina, known as Travelers rest. Watson came from a poor family whose parents separated at a young age. Watson Mother moved him to the city of Greenville shortly after. He received his undergraduate’s degree from Fuhrman University in Greenville, South Carolina. He was able to leave with his Masters degree at the age of 21. It was then that he begun his work at the University of Chicago, were he developed his passion for psychology and Behaviorism. Before Watson would become the 24th president of the American Psychology Academy, and before he became a well-known psychologist worldwide he wrote his dissertation on “the…

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