John Was Called By Jesus Essay

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John’s Background John was called by Jesus when he was with his brother James on the

shores of Galilee. This calling occurred early in Jesus’ Ministry (John Exiled, 2013). The

brothers were fishermen by trade, and preparing to cast their nets when Jesus called them. The

story is recorded in Matthew 4, and reports that after the Lord’s call, they immediately left their

nets and their father, and went and followed Him (Holy Bible, NIV, 2016).

We are not certain if John heard about Jesus ministry from verbal reports of John the

Baptist’s teaching, or if he was drawn to the Lord by the influence of the Holy Spirit alone.

Without a doubt, it was an act of courage to follow without questioning. And maybe some

curiosity caused him to leave everything that he knew and follow after a stranger. Maybe his

father tried to dissuade him from going, the Bible doesn't say. But I don't know many parents

now who wouldn't try and prevent their child, regardless of their age, from following after

someone unknown.

EG White reports that John did not come by an agreeable character naturally. In the book

Acts of the Apostles (p 540) “By nature he had serious defects. He was not only proud, self-

assertive, and ambitious for honor, but impetuous, and resentful under injury. He and his brother

were called "sons of thunder." Evil temper, the desire for revenge, the spirit of criticism, were all

in the beloved disciple.” (Got Questions, 2016).

Later, in the story…

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