John Wade In The War By Eleanor K. Wade

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Register to read the introduction… John was full of admiration for his father, yet he found it difficult to understand the hurtful and remorseless remarks his father would make about his weight and his report cards. His father's alcoholism also troubled John badly, and he would spend hours in front of the mirror in the basement, living out the fantasies that he so dearly hoped would one day become reality. "…The mirror made the vodka bottles vanish from their hiding place in the garage…" (p.66) John would sometimes take the mirror to bed with him, or take it to school, because the mirror was his way of making everything seem all right; he was able to withdraw from reality and feel comforted within his own ‘make-believe' world. "…The mirror made things better…" (p.66) …show more content…
The mirror gave John the ability to totally tune out from what was going on around him, and enter his delusional state. This is evidenced when John returns from war, and alters the records. In some ways, this act almost convinces John that his concoction is the truth, and he is bringing real life into the fantasy that he so badly aspires toward. Towards the end of the novel, when Kathy disappears, John appears to have entered into his fantasy world, and he is extremely confused about what happened the night that Kath went missing. Perhaps John has stepped inside the mirror, and has lost the ability to separate events that happened in real life, and those he dreamed

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