John Vietnam Speech Analysis

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“Let Us Continue” On November 27, 1963 Lyndon Baines Johnson delivered a speech. This was just five days after president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Johnson, being the new president of the United States, explained what a great loss fellow Americans had just encountered. The purpose of his speech was to inspire the nation and support them in a time of grief. He also wanted to give the nation hope, in that they would work to meet JFK’s visions. Johnson’s first words, “Mr. Speaker, Mr. President, Members of the House, Members of the Senate, my fellow Americans” (1) addresses who he is speaking to. This demonstrates ethos through his credibility of who he is talking to. Ethos is also shown because Johnson was formerly Vice President, a well known political figure, and now the new President. The factor of pathos, an appeal to emotions, is very convincing to an audience. Johnson uses this factor in many ways. Very early in the speech, Johnson …show more content…
This technique is very good for persuading an audience by reason. The first example of logos is when Johnson says, “No words are strong enough to express our determination to continue the forward thrust of America that he began” (1). Johnson is trying to encourage the country to move forward, since it is the only sensible action to do after an assassination of a president. Throughout the speech, Johnson also tries to explain that the Americans should work together as united people for a united purpose. John F. Kennedy felt strongly towards the legislation, and its advancements. Johnson said, “This nation will keep its communities from South Vietnam to West Berlin. We will be unceasing in the search for peace, resourceful in our pursuit of areas of agreement” (2). This is a way to honor the dedications that Kennedy had. Logos are further used when Johnson mentions facts throughout his speech about bills, national income, and Federal

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