John Updike and his novel ‘The Centaur’ Essay

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John Updike and his novel ‘The Centaur’

American novelist, poet, essayist and playwright, John Updike belongs to the post-war generation of writers the U.S. They came to literature with university degree and having philological training. The object of his image always was a life of intellectuals; he was well familiar with life and habits of the upper-middle-class. One of the most famous and significant novels of Updike is "Centaur." "Centaur" is a book where for the first time, in English literature - originated reception "semantic complexity."1 This novel has a two-dimensional structure: the common level and the mythological level. But mythological
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They could walk everywhere in Olinger and take the trolley to Alton. But when they bought back the old Kramer place they needed a car. Hummel had put them on to a ‘36 Buick for only $375.»3
Anyway, it is very difficult to judge the time in this novel, given that all the action takes place in the imagination of the hero, while he is lying in bed with his mistress. In the novel "Centaur" the action goes as if at the same time and in the mythical Greece, and in a small town in the United States. Episodes just flow like one from the other that can be called a scenic narration. All episodes are mapped and linked in a complex manner.
The narrator is only used in the chapters are devoted to father of the main character. That allows you to look at this character more objectively, without the prejudice protagonist Peter Caldwell. Advantageously, this novel was written from the face of narrator. There are just a few chapters in third person. Bearing in mind that it is autobiographical novel, we can suggests that using a "narrator", the author tried to make the story more real and more fully reveal the inner world of the character, through his inner monologues and attitude towards the world.
One of the main features of this work is that every word hides a multitude of meanings and it allows each time interpreted episodes of the novel in many ways. For example, we can

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