John Thomas ' Depression And His Battle With It Essay

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The poem shows Thomas ' depression and his battle with it. The title "Melancholy" draws the reader to reflect upon the theme of the poem, and to sympathise with the feeling of never ending depression and sadness that Thomas felt throughout most of his life. Making it one word causes the reader to want to know why Thomas is feeling such and how he became like this. It also shows the anger Thomas felt towards his inability to make himself be happy, especially around the beautiful things in the world, also how he found solidarity calming but his conflicting emotions and his battle with depression made him desire people to be around him and fearing loneliness. These confusing emotions are shown throughout the poem, as he does not truly know what he desire or why not, which reflects his anger.
The poem begins with the first word in capital letters "THE". This contrast with the title as the beginning appears to be aggressive and angry, though the title of "Melancholy" expresses sorrow, depression and sadness. Thomas could have done this to confuse the reader, such as he was about his desires and emotions. The bold letters also draws the reader in and emphasises the beginning of the poem. The emphasis is used to express his anger about rain and it raving endlessly, much like his depression. Typically rain is associated with sadness and gloom, and could be a metaphor for his emotions. The first line also using the repetition of "the rain and wind", but goes on to speak that it…

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