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JJessica Goulet Mrs. Christian 1213.1915 04/12/13 Jonathan Swift’s Writing Style According to critics, Jonathan Swift’s writing style has three characteristics, which are mockery, details and panegyric writing. Harold Weber explains, “Swift’s verse technique and the way in which he achieves his poetic effects, the disagreement over the value of Swift’s varied satiric masks” (448). Weber defines Swift’s use of mockery as a satiric mask recurring in as self-amusement in his literary works.

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Likewise, “A Satirical Elegy of the Death of a Late General” has three examples of details. This poem states, “Of old age too, and in his bed! “ (2). Jonathan Swift’s use of details here is evident by the use of the adjective old and a description of location, his bed. Another example of Jonathan Swift’s writing style is, “The last loud trump must wake him now” (6). This excerpt uses details by qualifying the trump as both last and loud. Jonathan Swift says:
Behold his funeral appears,
Nor widow's sighs, nor orphan's tears,
Wont at such times each heart to pierce,
Attend the progress of his hearse.
But what of that, his friends may say,
He had those honors in his day.
True to his profit and his pride,
He made them weep before he died. (17-24)
Jonathan Swift uses many details to describe the funeral; details such as, the sighs and tears of the widows and orphans, and the qualities of the general’s profit and pride. By the same token, “A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed” has three examples of the use of details. The title of this poem, “A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed” (?) demonstrates Jonathan Swift’s writing style. The details are a set of adjectives, beautiful and young used to describe the Nymph. Jonathan Swift states:
Returning at the midnight hour;
Four stories climbing to her bow’r;
Then, seated on a three-legged chair,
Takes off her artificial hair:
Now, picking out a crystal eye, (7-11)
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