John Stuart Mill 's On Liberty Essay

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John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty is an essay that far exceeds the date published. Although it was published in 1859, the issues in which On Liberty discusses are still being discussed today. Mill’s ideology is a gold standard for how liberty should be addressed in society. the limitations of free speech become troublesome in society. Power also is something that Mill addresses when discussing opinions that are heard and opinions that are not. Mill believes that the state has a role in determining and distributing truth among society. Religion is touched upon Mill’s essay as it addresses an opinion of “absolute certainty” (Mill, 1859, p. 16). Due to the date this book was published, there are some issues with carrying Mill’s ideology into todays society, although there are many that should be taken into account of our society today. Mill’s thesis addresses that all men should be heard and, if all men silence one man than that one man has the same power to silence all of mankind (Mill, 1859, p. 14). The society in which Mill describes is advantageous for the continuous growth of the human mind and society as a whole.
First, regarding freedom of speech. The limitation’s of speech is an argument with varying opinions. I argue that free speech cannot be regulated. The barriers that need to dictate free speech are so vague that there can not be ways that clearly identify when someone has gone too far. The point at which someone has reached over boundaries is ambiguous as well. Mill…

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