John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Mice Essay

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John Steinbeck’s theme in Of Mice And Mice is dealing with attempting to overcome loneliness, he uses the lack of and presence of friendship to reveal the theme. He uses the friendship of Lennie Small and George Milton to show the loneliness within friendship. In contrast, with the relationship between a man and dog to reveal loneliness in a man who has nothing but an old companion. The relationship between Curley’s wife and other men on the ranch is another relationship the author used. The story of Crooks additionally helps with the unraveling of the theme and its correlation with friendship.
Lennie and George’s friendship along with Candy and his dog’s friendship are used to reveal the theme of loneliness. The author portrays Lennie and George as close when together, but alone at the same time. Their relationship helped reveal the overall theme of loneliness because, even though they were one of the only people on the ranch not miserably alone. They were both somewhat alone because of each other. In O.M.A.M George said “ Guys that work on the farm are the loneliest guys. They got no family, they don’t belong no place.” George and Lennie have each other so they’re not like the others. George was lonesome, in spite of being with Lennie. He cared for Lennie indefinitely, Lennie’s dreams were his dreams. As a consequence, he had no time for others as well as himself. On page 11, George expresses everything he could be done without Lennie and how his life would be…

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