Essay John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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"Life... it tends to respond to our outlook, to shape itself to meet our expectations." The author of the quote, Richard DeVos, believed that people control the way they see their lives; whether that means positively, negatively, or realistically. John Steinbeck raises a question similar to DeVos ' belief in his novel, Of Mice and Men. The book tells the story of migrant workers whose dream for a better future motivates their journeys. Steinbeck proposes that while everyone will face hardships throughout his life; each person can choose his outlook on life. Steinbeck addresses this theme through his characters - George, an optimistic individual, and in contrast, Candy and Crooks, both pessimistic in nature.

Regardless of the attitudes of those around him, George maintains a positive outlook on his life. George Milton is a caring and hardworking individual who is motivated by his dream for a better future. He spends most of his life looking out for his traveling companion, Lennie. It is up to George to care for and protect Lennie because he is mentally retarded; therefore, Lennie would never be able to survive in society on his own. George has sacrificed much to protect Lennie, a large burden for a hardworking man like himself. George does his best to remain positive in life, yet his anger sometimes gets the better of him. Occasionally, he will become frustrated with Lennie and realize how much simpler a life without Lennie would be; subsequently, this causes…

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