John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men Essay

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A memory can last forever. A true friend sticks by your side and never says goodbye. That was George and Lennie’s friendship. It all takes place in a California valley along the Salinas River where George and Lennie were on their way to their new jobs. George Milton is a small and smart man, but Lennie Small is a big man and haves an innocent mind as a child. They have a unique relationship, with George taking on a role of a guardian for Lennie due his mental illness. As the story keeps going it unfolds their hopes and dreams for the future and shows their struggles to survive in an unforgiving society. In “Of Mice and Men”, John Steinbeck shows us that George kills Lennie for good reason; furthermore, George is a good friend in doing this painful sacrifice through his cares of Lennie, fear of people may harm Lennie and Lennie becoming more dangerous.
George is a good friend since he cares a lot about Lennie. In many different ways as the story unfolds, one can see how George and Lennie care about each other. Lennie would not be able to survive in the world if George was not there to ensure his safety. George views his responsibility as a burden at times, but some moments one may see his true affection for Lennie. They both dream of having a farm. A dream that may be impossible to achieve. George views Lennie as a little brother, friend, and partner in crime. Without Lennie, George would be empty and lonely. They both need each other equally, although it seems like Lennie…

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