Essay about John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men displays high-soaring dreams and the harsh reality that crushes them. The cast of characters living in the Great Depression, each an outcast of society, hope to make their lives better. George and Lennie want to buy a farm, and plan to, but are unable to due to Lennie constantly getting in trouble. Curley’s wife wants to be an actress, and even has even found an agent, but she is never invited to perform. George hopes for Lennie to be happy, and cares deeply for him, but no one else seems to understand companionship. After carefully scrutinizing the text and evidence, it is clear these conflicts share similarities. All these conflicts are examples of dreams and reality, one of the greatest battles in life. Dreams are what everyone yearns to achieve, and reality is the painful suffering that always takes them away. To begin, George and Lennie have a dream of buying their own land and starting a ranch, where Lennie can tend rabbits and they can be their own bosses. This dream, however, is ruined by Lennie constantly getting into trouble. The first example is how the men had to flee Weed when Lennie grabbed the girl’s dress and was accused of rape. He did not mean harm, but his naivety interrupted their work. At first, George seems to be fine with him, and tries to hold onto their dream. He threatens to not let Lennie tend to rabbits in order to make him stop misbehaving. This plan backfires. Lennie kills his pup by accident, which prompts a…

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