John Steinbeck 's Of Men And Mice Essay

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Throughout the enthralling novel, from the initial exposition to the stimulating resolution, John Steinbeck, the profound author of “Of Men and Mice”, captivated the reader not only with the thought of “The American Dream” but with the constant emphasis put on the novel’s hidden moral. The moral Steinbeck indicated is life is constantly changing along with one’s dreams; as a result, no one can depend on dreams, but instead use one’s dreams to give them a sense of hope and belief. As a matter of fact, many characters, such as Curley 's Wife, Lennie and George, dreamt their “American Dream”, and each individual never successfully reached their dream because there was either a mental or physical barricade that prohibited them from doing so. Provided that the characters did not reach their dream, this allowed Steinbeck to put more emphasis on his message. Furthermore, Steinbeck strategically chose the title of this novel to correspond specifically to his message about life’s plans and the role dreams play. Altogether, the character’s dreams, what prevents them from succeeding their dream, and the title all directly correlate to Steinbeck’s underlying message of the overall novel. First of all, the author’s messages about one’s life plans entails that life itself along with goals, dreams, and priorities are constantly shifting, and one person cannot have an exact plan for their life because no one can predict the future and the actions of others. Eventually, someone will…

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