John Steinbeck 's East Of Eden And The Bible Essay

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Wild animals are no different than civilized humans in that we live by one simple rule: eat or be eaten. We find the will to survive by any means. Insects use their camouflage abilities, lions their speed, and men their strength. Women, however, use their cunningness to survive. Whether flaunting accentuated features, beaming a beguiling smile, or toying with emotions, a woman 's survival comes down to her ability to physically or mentally deceive her opponent by any means possible. John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and The Bible illuminate a woman’s innate ability to overcome threats by deceit through Cathy and Esther respectively.

It is important to first set the guidelines for what the word survival implies. Species are surviving when they are fighting for their basic needs to live, whether it be food, shelter, or offspring. When someone gets in the way of these necessities is when the primal instincts emerge. East of Eden explores the juxtaposition of survival through different families; specifically the Trasks, Ames, and Hamiltons. For the Hamiltons, love and family correlate with survival. To the Trasks, pondering in the past soaked in alcohol or having a job implies living. However, to Cathy Ames, surviving is having exponential wealth to spend on nothing and share with no one, and having no person jeopardize that.

Cathy uses insidious tactics to survive with what she considers vital parts of life. During Cathy’s childhood, her father, Mr. Ames, was “a covered man” who…

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