John Steinbeck: Gerorge's Journey As A Role Model

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Gerorge’s journey as a role model
“Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I 'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.” Anne Hathaway Hathaway’s quote explains what everyone is afraid of, but is afraid to admit. At one point in life, we feel the need of being alone due to things we may be facing such as stressful situations, needing someone to care or love you. However, we can’t be alone forever. It makes people crazy if you don 't have anyone to share thoughts with or if you don 't have someone who cares for you or care for. George Milton from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, struggles through his journey because: he is tempted to leave his companion
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After being kicked out of Weed, George and Lennie go to the Salinas Valley for jobs, “ the boss was expectin’ you last night”(Steinbeck 18). If they both want the dream to happen, they are going to need jobs in order to earn money. At the ranch, when they are having the interview with the boss, George lies in order to get the job: “He’s my . . . cousin . . . He got kicked out in the head by a horse when he was a kid”(Steinbeck 22). I understand why George would lie, because during the Great Depression people did not understand what was biologically wrong with the mentally disabled. Also, people who were mentally disabled were mistreated and were not given the proper treatment. According to the article, “Mental illness and its treatment in the 1930’s” by Molly, she states: “ These treatments didn’t generally cure schizophrenics, depressive and others of their mental illness; most were in and out of hospitals or ultimately spent their entire lives inside them”(Molly). George did not want the boss to know that Lennie was mentally disabled because he feared he would be taken away and sent to a mental facility. George knows that Lennie would not be able to live if he’s put in a cage like an animal. George knows Lennie like the palm of his hand. George and Mack have many things in common. For example, they can’t seem to understand why people would put the mentally disabled in a place where they are mistreated and not given the help they serve. George and Mack know that people in mental facilities suffer. George want’s to do the same thing Mack is doing with the patients in the facility. He want’s to protect Lennie from the world and want’s him to have a better life, where he is happy. Another thing that triggers the “call” is the meeting with the enemy(Curley’s Wife). As I explained on

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