John Steinbeck Friendship

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Think of a time in your life, when you felt out of place, or lonely and craved for that companion who could understand you. Friendship remedies the feeling of loneliness with the acts of understanding, companionship, and sympathy. John Steinbeck uses characters actions, dialogue, and the thoughts of others to show the impacts of friendship along with the effects of discrimination in his novel "Of Mice and Men".
Steinbeck portrays friendship through different character interactions along with the thoughts of others, while eliminating loneliness with company. Lennie and George’s relationship, shows this special companionship through their constant presence of one another. With Lennie’s handicaps, George takes the responsibility of protecting these social
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One way that Steinbeck shows the impacts of discrimination is through characters. Crooks complains to Lennie "You go on get outta my room. I ain't wanted in the bunker house and you ain't wanted in my room." (Steinbeck 68). This passage represents the directness of how discrimination towards Crooks really impacts his life. Another way Steinbeck uses characters actions to support the idea of discrimination, is through Curly's Wife, and Crooks 's relationship. Curly's Wife discriminates towards Crooks, threatening him for his race and ability to little power (Steinbeck 80-81). The way Curly's Wife threatens Crooks instantly, causes Crooks to back down immediately. Lastly, Steinbeck illustrates the use of internal conflict within Crooks' subconscious. Crooks proclaims, "A guy needs somebody-to be near him, a guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody"( Steinbeck 72). He uses this example to create an imagery of how loneliness and judgment can drive a person to madness. Overall, Steinbeck continues to chow how judgment and unfairness can create lonliness and a type of

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