John Rawls: The Concept Of Ethics And Business Ethics

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The ethics is a subject of moral and it is involved in business: “standards and how these apply to the systems and organizations through which modern societies produce and distribute goods and services, and to the people who work within this organization” (Business ethics resource, page 15). Based on what it has said before, the ethics have influence on business and daily life and that is why sometimes the people consider legal and illegal facts when they are dealing with ethics and morals matters, despite of, there are a contradiction because we can find some situations when something is legal but unethical and vice versa, for that reason it seems that ethics is a philosophy and it is not precise; such as, when a single mother steals for eating and supporting her kids, it is clear that it is illegal, however, …show more content…
John Rawls is the philosopher who led the principle of justice and who involved two matters: liberty and equality, therefore, he wanted to show how important is to have social justice, so, that is why he designed the simple structure of the society as a principal subject of the justice besides that he identified justice like the most significant value for the society. “Rawls begins his work with the idea of justice as fairness. He identifies the basic structure of society as the primary subject of justice and identifies justice as the first virtue of social institutions. He considers justice a matter of the organization and internal divisions of a society.” (A theory of justice summary, enotes). As it seems, this theory can be applied in business, in many companies because he created the basic structure of the society and it is clear that anywhere we can find it as a regulation of equality and

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