John Proctor And Abigail Williams Essay

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Throughout The Crucible, Arthur Miller displayed the motif of reputation and self worth in each of his predominant characters. Based on John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Parris’ outcomes, it is evident that individuals should always live a life of uprightness. Through the course of their venture, their lives took immensely disastrous falls resulting from the major decisions they fatally chose. Selecting to exist deceptively is choosing a shaky and borderline path. The verdict of life is made from the judgment of your own personal conscious. The aftermath of their dishonest decisions initiated their inevitable demises. John Proctor was similar to any other prosaic citizen in Salem before he instituted the affair he had with Abigail …show more content…
Williams’ attempt to gain John Proctor’s compassion through conversation in Betty Parris’ bedroom displayed her evident lust. She yearned for their intimacy to blossom. With the ultimate goal of uniting with John Proctor, Williams’ perseverance to attain her beloved in her possession was diabolical. She initiated the Salem Witch Trials with the assistance of her companions and completely overtook the town with paranoia, another main theme presented throughout the play. The hysteria and delirium she conjured into the town was unprecedented before and her upright ability to manipulate the posse of girls through the duration of the witch trials resulted in prosecution of dozens of innocent lives. The sheer chaos she was undoubtedly importing into the town in order to engage in a forbidden relationship with Proctor did not only lead to her collapse, but also the town’s. Williams resulted in vanishing from the town without completing her objective, and participating into a much more obscure future. Relating to the human experience, this proves to show that living a deceptive life can further progress a conflict then anticipated. Distortion of an occurrence is a major component to negative consequences. Whether an individual modifies a miniscule event or a whole presence of a force, it is inevitable for an unfavorable outcome confirmed by Abigail

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