Essay on John Nash : The Worst Impacts Of The Medical Model

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I believe John Nash was protected from the worst impacts of the medical model due to the fact that he was “a genius”, he was a white man and the hospital he was occupied in treated the rich and famous. According to the 2012 Annual Convention of Psychiatry between the 1970s to our current day; “black men are 5-7 times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.” The main reason why he avoided more punishment inside this system was that he was this mathematical genius and he may have been seen as more of a superior figure among the other patients there. When he was at McLean Hospital he was considered one of the wealthy because of his mind. He avoided a lot of harmful treatments and the fact that his lawyer got him out in 50 days helped Nash out. If John Nash was hospitalized in 2016 I think there would still be incentives to use medicine with him and try to treat his disorder with pills. I think hospital conditions would be better, but I do think that people suffering from schizophrenia would be isolated and mistreated. If they see someone as threat to themselves or others they would put them in a room that does not have human interaction. I’d like to think things have progressed, but the DSM/Medical Model have a huge impact on doctors, psychiatrists and so on they would follow the book like the bible and John Nash wouldn’t receive adequate assistance. If John lived today the DSM/Medical model could have been more helpful if they looked at the Diathesis-Stress…

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