John Muir Research Paper

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John Muir’s Wilderness Works John Muir is a Scottish poet whose works focus primarily on the beauty of America’s wildest places. He has written about many western areas such as Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, as well as the northern state of Alaska. He earned the name “John of the Mountains” for his style of writing. Muir and his passion for undeveloped areas even helped design some of President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation programs. His work for land preservation and outdoor advocacy made him a hero to many and as such he is the namesake of a long, winding, highly esteemed trail through the Sierra Nevada mountains. His poems are commonly known even today and evoke a sense of wonder in not only those with …show more content…
Whether this be a moral affirmation or a physical accomplishment is never stated and it is up to the reader to determine what they are seeking and what they shall take from it. One of his most famous lines states, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” (Muir, 1918). Everyday people embark on long, taxing journeys for nothing more than the sense of accomplishment they provide. The Appalachian Trail begins on Springer Mountain in Georgia, covers 2,100 miles, passes through fourteen states, and lasts around six months until hikers reach their destination of Mount Katahdin located in Maine. Hikers choose to put themselves through cold, sleepless nights for the chance to wake up and hike to some of the eastern state’s highest peaks where they can see for miles everywhere they turn. Some people do it to be closer to nature and others to be closer to their friends, family, or significant other. No matter alone or with company the trail is mentally difficult. Some people find that they get more out of physically challenging themselves and attempt to not only complete the trail, but complete the trail in a certain amount of time. Whatever their goals may be, people always come out with more stories, bruises, and memories than they had when

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