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A young adult sits on a chair where his thoughts inevitably force him to inscribe down the true feelings within his mind. As the time passes, he becomes more famous and well-known. John Milton is an influential English poetry writer resembling many other prosperous authors around the world. Milton is mainly distinguished for his hard work of the poem called “Paradise Lost.” He is unquestionably famous for the achievements of being literate in various types of languages during his studies (John Milton Biography, n.d.). He also obtains an international reputation during his lifetime. However, that affects an enormous amount of his life as a writer. Throughout his career, he has composed a countless amount of poems. He has
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Initially, Milton plans to join the priesthood, but the plan is later abandoned because he is in love with poetry writing (John Milton n.d.). Milton’s talent is strongly influenced by Edmund Spenser, who is John’s great ancestor. His very first personal poem is written to dedicate the loss of his niece in 1628. The poem is called “On the Death of a Fair Infant Dying of a Cough” (Miller, 1978, p. 16). He also has many contributions to the church that he attends, but only some of the poems are accepted. When Milton is twenty-three years old, he has written a numerous amount of fruitful poems in Latin and Italian (Miller, 1978, p. 16). His written poems mostly reflected the religious flux and political instability in England. During the year of 1638, John travels to the well-known countries such as France and Italy, which guidance him to compute new aspect to his original studies of poetry. These places are where John meets many theorists such as the great astronomer, Galileo, to help him improve the poetic skills (John Milton Biography, …show more content…
“Paradise Lost” is the most famous epic poem that everyone would try to have some sort of comments on it. John Milton is a very optimistic poet who is excessively fond of learning in other literature such as Greek and Latin (Davie, 2008) One of the well-known Youtuber, Clifford Sargent, states this epic is kind of contradictory because the most understanding character in the poem is Satan. Sargent also articulates: “He is one of the greatest English poets of all time.” He describes the continuous epic as an endless collection that there are so many of them. The wood block illustration to represents the poem is unquestionably astoundingly appealing to many observers. There are also many other arts that are being made with the help of William Blake, who is mentioned to be Milton’s poetic son (Sargent, 2015, June 15). Overall, Sargent pronounces that “Paradise Lost” is worth some time to read these grandeur collections of

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