John Milton 's Paradise Lost Essay

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John Milton 's epic, Paradise Lost, recounts the Christian Creation story, filling in the gaps with touches of misogynistic lore shaped by the culture of his time. Although it is difficult to conclude whether Milton 's sexist portrayal was intended to bring an awareness to the absurdity of gender roles or was intended to reinforce the patriarchal culture of his time, it is undeniable that the gender roles presented in Paradise Lost are still pertinent. Acknowledging that gender equality is the fifth United Nations Sustainable Global Development Goal, it is crucial to examine the roots of these beliefs in two of the most influential pieces of literature: the Bible and Paradise Lost. Adam and Eve’s gender stereotyped relationship is often cited as the ideal marriage, but it is important to understand that Adam and Eve are not merely the first depiction of marriage, but they are also the first depiction of any human relationship . It is crucial to analyze which hierarchical aspects of Adam and Eve 's relationship are due to their order of creation and which gender roles are a product of Milton 's bias. I believe that Eve’s inferiority is not a product of her gender, but instead is a product of her experience. Eve is like a baby, brought into the world with very little awareness; Adam is there to guide her as a father or mother would guide a child. Adam is not her superior because of his masculinity, but because according to the Bible and Paradise Lost he was the first human…

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