Essay about John Mill And Immanuel Kant

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Bernard Williams created an experiment to question people about utilitarianism, to be for or against it. Jim finds himself in the central square of a small South American town where he has to make a strange decision. There are twenty Indians who caused some trouble in the town and since Jim is a visitor the captain has him decide the fate. He has the option of killing one and letting the others live or refusing and then they all will die. There’s no way to save myself and them all so he has to make a decision (JJC Smart and Bernard Williams, Utilitarianism: For and Against, 1973). There are two philosophers who made theories that will help Jim make his decision. John Mill and Immanuel Kant are too philosophers who made theories that based on morality. Morality or moral rule is the law that was formed on the basic how the society is structured as in determining the limits of what is acceptable, and defining what is normal or expected also. Each has their views on what is moral and what makes it moral, some different and similar. In this essay, I want to summarize these two philosophers’ theories, their main concepts and the distinction between the two. Also, I will discuss categorical imperative and the principle of utility with the conclusion of what theory I agree with and why.
Kant was a German philosopher who works influenced people in Europe and all around the world over. Kant is considered to be the father of modern morality and also ethics. His morality is based a lot…

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