Essay about John Mcdonogh, A Man Of Many Faces : A Slave Owner

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John McDonogh, A Man of Many Faces: A Slave Owner?s Twisted Involvement with the ACS, Manumission, and New Orleans Urban Education The history of slavery in the United States is a complex one full of many riveting characters and interesting events. Historians have spent extensive time researching slavery and its effects on the country from its institution until its end in 1865. One popular organization was the American Colonization Society. The society was founded in 1816 and had branches in all major areas of the United States from 1822 to 1913. The society found supporters in many different individuals. One of these characters is a Louisiana slave owner named John McDonogh. Contrary to the norms of the time, John McDonogh formulated a plan to free a select number of his slaves that would then be sent to colonize Liberia. I will look at the involvement John McDonogh has with the Liberian colonization movement in Louisiana, the contributions he made to slavery as an institution in his local area, the effect he had on individual African American lives in his time and the lasting legacy that he has established in the New Orleans area. Most major characters in history can be considered complicated, some for either their actions or motives. McDonogh, a man of many faces, is complicated in both respects. John McDonogh, a man of Scottish and Irish ancestry, was born in Baltimore on December 29, 1779.[footnoteRef:1]? His father was a farmer and revolutionary war soldier.?…

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