An Analysis Of John Locke's Political Ideas Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was a huge milestone in France. It was because it changed the structure of society but instead of replacing the existing rules or even the political regime. The French got rid of the government as a whole. (Horvat) The French Revolution contradicted John Locke 's main political ideas of the the Enlightenment theory. John Locke 's main Ideas of the Enlightenment mostly talked about the government. They were contradictory because John Locke believed that all men are rational and capable people. (Primary Source Media) But he says that the people must also have a say in the government. (Primary Source Media) That idea completely goes against the French Revolution. The French Revolution was anything but rational or capable. The Third Estate went berzerk, overthrowing the royal family and then started killing everyone who opposed them. (Horvat) Even after the people started getting more power they were not able to use it wisely enough to get their city to perpetuate and prosper. (Horvat & Johnson)
In 1682 John Locke was known in England for being a
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They were not rational because as soon as the Third Estate no longer had a say in government affairs like they did in one point, they revolted against the monarchy killing the king and queen of France. (Horvat) The French people 's decisions were driven more by their emotions than logical and conscious thinking. If the French thought out what was going on and the best way to solve this problem they might have been able save the city and save lives. The French people were not capable of power because when they were in power they were so worried about getting back at the people they believed had harmed them emotionally or physically. So when the people of France got in control of France they started killing . Every day 56 people were killed. (Horvat) If anyone did not believe in the revolt against the monarchy they were

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