John Locke And The French Revolution Essay

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Maxwell James
Mr. Puzzo
World History (H)
John Locke and the French Revolution

John Locke was a French philosopher and was interested in how a citizen and a government interact together, in times of peace and in times of tension. John Locke studied government and came to many conclusions; the role of government is to protect citizen’s natural rights: Life, Liberty and property. If a government wasn’t adequately protecting citizen’s natural rights, the citizens had a responsibility to overthrow that government and establish a new government that does better to protect those rights. The theory of natural rights is that every human being is endowed with certain unalienable rights that the government has a responsibility to protect. They include Life, Liberty and Property. The theory of the social contract is that it is an implied agreement between humans to incorporate and form a community where it will respect the rule of law in that area. In some cases this can relate the to the jurisprudence of a community. John Locke was the first person to think about the relationship of a government with it’s citizens. He believed that the government was there to serve one purpose; protect the natural rights of its citizens, and if it is not effectively accomplishing that, then it is a complete failure therefore needing to be overthrown and reestablished. In the French Revolution, John Locke’s ideas were fundamental to the cause, course and, the legacy it left in France,…

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