Essay about John Locke And Jean Jacques Rousseau

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1-The American enlightenment was a development to organize the human limit for a reason as the most elevated type of human accomplishment. The most conspicuous of the Enlightenment thinkers were John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau. This ideas inspired both harmony and conflict with religious leaders. Settlements faced off regarding how the Enlightenment idea of “natural rights” may impact their activities as pilgrims under the tenet of the British crown. Also America’s first college, Harvard was founded in 1636 and nine colleges were founded during the colonial period. Amid this extension of Enlightenment perfect, American chapels maybe shockingly encounters something of recovery called the Great Awakening. Jonathan Edwards was the intellectual leader of the Great Awakening. Also, George Whitefield assumed an impressive part in inciting revival. Moreover, Great Awakening had opened an enormous crack among protestants, Old Lights and New Lights. In addition, the Great Awakening incited changes in colonial life for five reasons, growth of churches, rise of new churches, development of colleges, religion, science and decline of authority.

2-One of a few measures forced on the American homesteaders by the vigorously obligated British government in the decade paving the way to the American Revolutionary War, it was the Tea Act of 1773. The pilgrims had never acknowledged the legality of the obligation on tea, and the Tea Act revived their resistance to it. Finally, on December…

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