John Lennon 's Song, Imagine All The People Living For Today Essay examples

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John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was written in 1971, during the Vietnam War. It is a protest song which encourages people to have peace and prosperity in the world. In the first verse of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, he states “imagine all the people…living for today”. In this verse, John Lennon tells people to live for today and emphasis on the fact that there is no life after death. The heaven and hell are only myths which are given birth by religion so he urges people to live life for today with a common feeling of brotherhood. In the second verse, John Lennon talks about the division of people in the name of religion and countries. He says that if there is no division of the land in the name of territories then there will be no wars and violence and the world will be the common place to live for all human beings. Dividing the world on the basis of religion and thinking owns religion to be superior has caused conflicts in the world. Furthermore, in the third and fourth stanza, john Lennon focuses on dreaming together to make the world into one. The video of the song also clarifies the theme of the song. While john Lennon is playing piano in the empty dark room, his wife opens all the windows one by one chasing the darkness and bringing the brightness. Chasing the darkness can be assumed as the present world full of violence and bringing the lights can be explained as the future world full of peace and prosperity which is only possible when all people of the world dream…

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