John Keats : Romantic Legend Essay

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John Keats: Romantic Legend
John Keats is regarded today as one of the most famous poets during the romantic age. He lived an unfortunately brief life of 25 years and received a great amount of criticism during it. His poetry was usually very sensual and his descriptive writing gave many readers strong vivid images to imagine. Keats’s influence mostly came from his school’s headmaster, John Clarke. Clarke became a father figure to John, believing in his academic potential and pushing him to pursue literature. Keats influenced other famous poets including Percy Shelley and Wilken Owens which had used some of his techniques and considered him as a role model. All in all, I consider Keats a pioneer because he wrote differently than poets in his era and down the line people began to follow his style.
Biographical Information
John Keats was born on October 31, 1795 in London, England. He was the first of four children in his household. When John turned eight, he attended Enfield Academy and quickly made friends with Charles Cowden Clarke, son of the school’s headmaster. Later that year, young John experienced a terrible tragedy when his father was trampled by a horse and died. His father’s death had an intense, heartfelt effect on John; the adversity he faced molded him into the type of person and poet he became. It also had a significant impact on the Keats’ financial situation as Frances, John’s mother, did not work and relied on her husband for money. She quickly remarried…

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