John Is One Of The Four Synoptic Gospels That Essentially Chronicle The Life And Ministry Of Jesus Christ

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Analytical Gospel Review The book of John is one of the four synoptic gospels that essentially chronicle the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. There are several conflicting stories about the authorship of this gospel. One writer, Kenneth Barksdale, suggests that the author is the Apostle John, otherwise known as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (1499). Barksdale rationalizes his assumption that John is the writer by many facts recorded in the Gospel, the most logical is the fact that although John was very prominent in the early church, he is not mentioned by name in the book of John (1499). Additionally, the fact that the author was very familiar with Jewish life, geography, and specifics about Bethany, all point to John being written by the Apostle John (1499). Contrarily, Walter Harrelson, in the New Interpreters Study Bible, suggests that, “The disciple whom Jesus loved, while not the author of the Gospel, is pointed to as the authority for the traditions that are recounted in the Gospel” (1905). Although, most theologians can’t agree on the authorship, they do agree that the book was likely written between 75-80 CE, and these timelines are based upon conflicts between Jesus and Jewish leadership, as well as, the destruction of the Jerusalem temple (Harrelson 1906). Unlike the other three synoptic Gospels, there is no contextual evidence regarding the setting or place of origin. The writer of John very simply states his purpose for recording these scriptures…

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