John Howard Griffin 's Black Like Me Essay

1009 Words May 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Children aren’t born to see a difference in colour, they are born to see humans for who they are. As we grow older, society embodies certain values and opinions within us, some right, some very wrong. John Howard Griffin was born with a skin colour deemed luckier than that of many others, he was born white. Even though society conditioned him and others into senselessly discriminating based solely on race, Griffin believed otherwise. In John Howard Griffin’s novel, Black Like Me, Griffin’s curious nature takes him on a journey in hopes of bridging racial gaps, and along the way, the challenges and suffering that he must overcome to succeed in his goals.

Griffin is a journalist who is curious about social inequality and wants to uncover and explore the discriminatory practices against blacks, first hand. His curiosity grows and he wants to find out how it feels to be a Negro. “If a white man becomes a Negro in the deep south, what adjustments would he have to make?”(1). He talks to different people on how they would feel if he became a Negro. His friends and family are reluctant to accept his choice yet, he still transforms himself in order to live the life of a negro, in hopes of experiencing it first-hand. As he wants to change himself, he’s ambiguous as to how his life is going to be as a Negro. “I prefer to walk into a life that appeared suddenly mysterious and frightening. With my decision to become a Negro, I realized that I, a specialist in race issues, really knew…

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