John Henry Cardinal Newman Offers A Powerful Proof For God 's Existence

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John Henry Cardinal Newman offers a powerful proof for God’s existence. He recognizes the difference between notional assent and real assent, which are the two major ways for the development of his argument from conscience. The notional assent for the study of religion and the real assent for the belief in religion. Hence, Newman’s argument from conscience is the most compelling proof for God’s existence. The reason is because his argument has there main developments which are orderly, logical, and convincing. His argument is orderly because it follows a prerequisite path. His argument is logical because it shows understandable reasons. And, his argument is convincing because of the personal experiences some people have provided about God’s existence, which relates to his argument. Newman’s argument is orderly because of the requisite path that it follows. First, his argument starts with the explanation of the senses and how the senses relate different between humans and animals. Newman states that senses give people the perception of reality; that is from the world they live they are capable of having senses, such as smell, touch, see, etc. The senses provide people with the instinct of operating in the world. People are capable of reasoning how they operate in the world. However, Newman argues that only human have the intellect of the senses but not animals because animals are only capable of perceiving the world. As follows, Newman’s second evidence for his argument is…

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