John Hale In The Crucible

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“I mean to crush him utterly.” Reverend John Hale said this when he talked about the Devil. Reverend Parris invited Reverend John Hale of Beverly to Salem to find witches. Reverend Hale thinks he is the best at his job and will not stop until he finds them. John Hale like myself is prideful, excited and arrogant. John Hale and I are very prideful. Reverend John Hale showed his pride by stating in the first act, that he knew what to do. After Reverend Parris invited him, he came to Salem to hunt for witches and talked very digintley. I am very prideful, when I play baseball I always have the same walk up routine. I also fake bunt on the first pitch of my first at bat every game to get the infielders on their toes, sometime make them nervous. …show more content…
When Reverend John Hale arrives to Salem he speaks with a tone to signal his excitement. Through act one he is very loud and charismatic. I am excited when it comes to baseball, before every game we warm up, our players talk, sometimes call one another out and give each other so competitive goals. I usually set a goal for two runs batted in, and at least two stolen bases. After our warm ups we will get our adrenaline flowing by chanting and yelling. This sometimes intimidates the other teams but the main goal is to get us ready to play. This is how John Hale and I are excited. Finally, both John Hale and I are very arrogant. Reverend John Hale is arrogant by saying he will take out the Devil while he is in Salem. He also says that he will find all the witches in Salem. Turns out he doesn’t take the Devil out and he hangs innocent people, which he later recognizes. I am arrogant when I say I should play division one baseball. It takes an amazing player to get that far and I say I have it, but I really do not. I also think I am an Einstein. I know it is pretty much impossible to be as smart as him but I try my best. Even though I brag a little about it. This is how both John Hale and I are arrogant. John Hale and I are arrogant, excited, and prideful. We show it in different ways but we show the same qualities. Could I be the next Reverend John Hale who says I will take the Devil out? Or will I be a normal

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