Essay on John Gotti Biography

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John Joseph Gotti, whom would be later nicknamed “Teflon Don” and “Dapper Don,” was born on October 27, 1940 in the Bronx, New York. Who would have thought on that cold and blustery day that the baby boy, son of a construction worker and one of six boys, would someday be considered by both the Mafia and prosecutors alike, to be the most important “godfather” in American crime through the 1990s? The “boss of bosses” so to speak. John Gotti’s parents were both poor Italian immigrants, whose only income was from his father’s laborious and unpredictable position as a construction worker. They had 13 children, of which John was the fifth. The whole family moved often and finally settled in East New York. At that time (late 40s) East New York …show more content…
It was rough and they were tough and that’s all.” That about sums it up in a nutshell….and Gotti’s path was set. By age 18, Gotti was ranked by the police department as a lower-level associate of the Fatico crew. His confident, self-assuredness made him attractive to older gangsters and Gotti was a favorite student of the local heads of the Mafia. Before he was even 20 years old he had made quite a favorable impression on the Gambino family. Between the ages of 17 – 21, John Gotti was following a full-time life of crime and at age 21 had already been arrested five times for things such as car theft, public intoxication, and street fighting. Amazingly, through all those arrests he served a very small amount of time in jail. This slipperiness may be what began earning him the nickname “Teflon Don.” On March 6, 1962, at only age 22, John Gotti married a young 17 year-old named Victoria DiGiorgio. She was the daughter of a Russian-Jewish woman and an Italian construction contractor. Her and Gotti had already had their first child, Angela, before the wedding. When they got married, Victoria was pregnant with their second child. They decided to live in Queens, NY, a blue-collar neighborhood filled with Italian-Americans. Gotti was going to attempt to try working at legitimate jobs. He wanted to do what was right for his family. He tried his hand as an assistant to a truck driver and as a coat factory presser. This crime-free life didn’t last long though. Gotti soon turned

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