John F. Kennedy 's Assassination Essay

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Fifty years after President John F. Kennedy 's assassination, there are very few true defenders of the Warren Commission left. All the supporters have either died or given up, because the Commission is so flawed. The investigation into JFK 's murder was rushed, poorly done, influenced by powerful officials, and filled with coverups and lies, all of which is obvious when you consider a few of the commission 's flaws. From newly-appointed president Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover deciding what the report would say within two days of the incident, to their general disinterest in the truth and their focus to avoid blame.

President Lyndon Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had all but decided what the report would say - that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman with no conspiracy - within 48 hours of the shooting since all the evidence was stacked against him. The most incriminating evidence has remained the photo of Oswald of him with his guns in his backyard, which he denied was even him (Rockwood, par. 2). Along with his hand print and shirt fibers found on the gun, and multiple witnesses saying they saw him carrying a long package covered with a brown paper bag, all the evidence so far had pointed to Oswald (Warren, p 142). After Oswald was killed, LBJ had made a rushed decision and decided - before the investigation - that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, which, in turn, built the entire Commission on bias. A reason the report was issued so quickly…

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