Essay John F. Kennedy 's Accomplishments

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John F. Kennedy is a president that is remembered because he was assassinated during his presidency. But Kennedy is also remembered for a few great accomplishments during his term as well as a couple major failures. The main accomplishments of JFK’s presidency include the enacting of the Peace Corps, the Space Program, the 24th Amendment, Cold War management, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The failures of the presidency were seen mainly in the Bay of Pigs invasion and the inability for JFK to pass any legislation regarding civil rights. The positive aspects of Kennedy’s presidency highlight his ability to interact with other nations, his charm over the American population, and his peaceful nature. The negative aspects of the presidency show Kennedy’s inability to be the commander in chief as well as his inability to carry through with his ideas in the form of legislation.
John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps through a challenge towards all Americans, a challenge to help out those in need. This caused a large number of Americans to join the Peace Corps and travel to underdeveloped countries with the idea of bringing both medical assistance as well as education. This impressive level of volunteerism was directly due to Kennedy’s speeches and actions, and caused the world to have a positive view of America. Americans were finally being seen as outgoing humanitarians instead of just a world policeman. This is considered one of the greatest aspects of Kennedy’s…

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