John F Kennedy Speech Analysis

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One of the greatest quote ever said in a speech is by U.S. President John F. Kennedy “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country.” John F Kennedy speech performance was one of the most memorable because he did really good in his speech. First, he communicated his speech in many different process that made it be successful. Secondly, he delivers the speech in a professionally manner because of the audience he had a style that gave hope to the people and be proud to be in America. Finally, the message he gave was very powerful and I agreed with the message he told the American people. John F Kennedy speech was incredible because he was a good speaker when giving his speech he …show more content…
Kennedy is a formal speech because he used formal word instead of slang words. He also was not talking in a comedian voice it was serious and determent and he belief one hundred percent what he was saying. Kennedy was formal also because he was giving information and goal of how he wants the country to become and revolutionized the country.
The listener was the audience who are people who supported him and elected him to be president of the United States some other listener was former president from the past and other people who work in the government. The listener behind John F. Kennedy were all dress professionally which shows that they were in a formal place listening to a formal speech.
The feedback he got from the audience were all positive because the audience always cheer and applaud him on his speech. The reason the feedback was always positive to Kennedy was because he spoke positive about the American people, countries, freedom, and human rights. He also spoke in a positive manner where he then gets positive feedback by applaud and
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Kennedy speech style is formal because the way he spoke was to inform the people about what he is planning to do when he is running for president of the United States and he gave hope that country will be a free country that will work together with other country to make the globe a better place for everyone. His delivery on the speech was to let the people know that he is determent to make America the best nation in the world. Kennedy did really good in his speech because I notice that he would talked with hope and his body language express that he is going to be the best president in the United States. The way Kennedy behave on his speech was powerful because his voice sounded determent on uniting the people to work together with other country and with their own country. His speech was powerful because the audience were on their feet cheering and I would do the same if someone said something powerful I would stand up and applaud them for giving powerful

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