John F Kennedy Inaugural Speech Analysis

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The thirty-fifth president, John F. Kennedy, became well known for many reasons such as “his youth, wit, charm, and Hollywood looks, the president captivated the nation” (Overview:Inaugural). Kennedy had political experience, once he was elected for president he didn’t have a hard time adjusting to the job. He later on proved to his country that he was determined to give his country courage to move their native land toward peace and prosperity. “On the sunny, snow-covered afternoon of January 20, 1961 the forty-three year old John F. Kennedy assumed the office of the President of the United States” (Overview:Inaugural). This quote is important because although it was cold, everyone still gathered. Within fifteen minutes of the Inaugural speech …show more content…
A foundation has many parts to it. They determine:

“five essential parts of inaugurals. They are 1. It unifies the audience by reconstituting its members as the people who can witness and ratify the ceremony; 2. Rehearses communal values drawn from the past; 3. Sets forth the political principles that will govern the new administration; and 4. Demonstrates through enactment that the president appreciates the requirements and limitations of executive functions. Finally 5. Each of these ends must be achieved” (Campbell &
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Kennedys inaugural speech touches each and every one of those essential parts of an inaugural speech. John F. Kennedy gives this speech to the population in the United States in order to provoke, inspire action of change and to grow with peace. Kennedy had several files in the process of making his speeches. “ He wanted his speeches to be short and focused on foreign policy and to respond to a recent speech. He wanted them to be short so they could jump into the main purpose of them. He disliked wordy messages, double talk, or tentative words such as suggest. He avoided contractions, elaborate metaphors, and hackneyed or overused expressions” (Overview:Inaugural). Sorensen was JFK’s adviser, and legendary speech writer his “intellectual blood bank”. Kennedy knew this inaugural speech would have to make a huge impact on the country, he knew it would show apart of him, so he told Sorensen to study Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to “determine the secret of its success” (Overview:Inaugural). John F. Kennedy 's Inaugural address used many rhetorical devices such as antithesis, parallelism. Kennedy begins his speech with a very strong ethos appeal. In his speech he says “The world is very different now”, “We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution” Kennedy along like Lincoln refer to the founding fathers and give them credits to their work. To bring more ethos Kennedy says “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall

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