John F. Kennedy Assassination Essay examples

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John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, and is one of the four presidents who were assassinated in office. JFK’s death was an alarming event for our nation and many people were shocked. President Kennedy’s assassination caused many people to generate conspiracies about what may have “truly” happened regarding his death because of the unresolved case of who truly killed the president. Some people have a hard time digesting such adverse events, therefore leading them to invent beliefs of what might have happened. The Kennedy assassination sparked many different conspiracy theories that explain different versions of the murder. “JFK II” is a movie that explains a conspiracy theory about the assassination. By analyzing a segment of the movie, it clearly displays the author 's paranoia and therefore everything seems to be very loosely connected in relation to the murder. At first, when it comes to analyzing a conspiracy theory, one must locate the motivation for producing such a conspiracy theory. JFK was “One of our greatest presidents,” according to a survey conducted by the Washington Post. Some people were abhorred by the murder of John F. Kennedy, in disbelief of how such a tragic event could occur. This event was very immense, which caused some people to believe that there must have been a large motif in assassinating President John F. Kennedy. In this instance we have two types of people regarding the conspiracy theory; we have those who are…

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